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Racing on a Highway Charges Dismissed

Charge: Racing on a Highway
Result: All Charges Dismissed

The defendant was charged with racing upon a highway. After Mr. Finebloom performed his investigation and provided those details to the State Attorney’s Office, all charges were dismissed.

DUI Charge Reduced to Reckless Driving in Sarasota County

Location: Sarasota County, Fl
Charge: DUI
Result: DUI Charge Reduced to Reckless Driving

The defendant was pulled over for weaving within his lane. Subsequently made to perform field sobriety exercises and also took a breath test and blew over the legal limit of a .08. His result was a .104. Mr. Finebloom filed a motion to suppress based on the driving pattern and the unlawful detention. After reviewing the motion, the State Attorney’s Office agreed to reduce the charge to reckless driving.

Jury Found Defendant Not Guilty of Traveling to Meet a Minor Charges in Sarasota

2013CF3235NC – Sarasota County, Fl
Charge: Traveling to Meet a Minor and Solicitation of a Minor Online
Result: Found NOT GUILTY in a Jury Trial

The defendant was arrested in a traveling to meet a minor case and solicitation of a minor online. This case was tried before a jury and within one hour, the defendant was found not guilty. The allegations against defendant was that he traveled to meet a girl who was 15 years old for the purpose of sex. After the jury heard all the evidence, including the case presented by the defense, they found defendant not guilty and all charges were dismissed.

Pinellas County DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving

CTC126871 – Pinellas County, Florida
Charge: DUI
Result: DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving

The Defendant was pulled over for failing to have headlights on. She was then investigated for DUI, made to perform field sobriety exercises, and subsequently took a breath test and blew a . 098 in the breath test machine. Mr. Finebloom filed a motion to suppress the evidence based on the insufficient evidence to detain the defendant. After several letters to the State Attorney’s Office in Pinellas County, the State Attorney’s Office agreed to reduce the charge from DUI to reckless driving.

Trespass Charges in Sarasota County Dismissed

2013MM002872 – Sarasota County, Fl
Charge: Trespass
Result: All Charges Dismissed

The Defendant was arrested for trespassing on the property of another. The original call came in of a potential attempted burglary. After investigation, Mr. Finebloom provided information that he simply went to the wrong home and was looking to stay at a friend’s house. After that information was provided to the State Attorney’s Office the trespass and obstruction charges were dropped.

All Charges Dropped in Sarasota County Case

20132872 – Sarasota County, Florida
Charge: Trespass and Obstruction
Result: All Charges Dismissed

Mr. Finebloom immediately got on board and did an investigation of the charges. After providing that information to the State Attorney’s Office, all charges were dropped against Amanda Brown.

All Charges Dismissed in Manatee County Leaving the Scene of an Accident

2013CT0953 – Manatee County, Florida
Charge: Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Result: All Charges Dismissed

The Defendant was charged with leaving the scene of an accident regarding a single-vehicle accident in a private gated residential apartment complex. Subsequent to reviewing the video and all evidence in the case, Darren Finebloom filed a motion to dismiss based on an illegal arrest which occurred in a private gated complex. A motion was filed, and the court agreed and dismissed all charges.

Sarasota DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving

2013MM5572NC – Sarasota County, Fl
Charge: DU
Result: DUI Charge Reduced to Reckless Driving

The defendant was pulled over for a traffic violation in Sarasota County. The defendant was pulled over for a traffic violation. She was made to perform field sobriety tests, of which she performed well. At that point the police arrested her for DUI despite her performance on the field sobriety tests. Shortly thereafter they searched her vehicle in which they discovered marijuana and paraphernalia consistent with marijuana use and started questioning her about her marijuana that was found in the vehicle. There were two people in the vehicle including the defendant. Darren Finebloom filed a motion to suppress any statements made by the defendant regarding the marijuana. Subsequent to the motion being filed, the State Attorney’s Office agreed to reduce the DUI to a reckless driving with no formal conviction and no formal conviction on the marijuana count and the paraphernalia count.

4th Offense DUI Charge Dismissed

2013CT9567 – Sarasota County, Fl
Charge: 4th offense DUI
Result: All Charges Dismissed

The defendant was involved in a single-vehicle accident. At that point the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office began a DUI investigation. They never offered the defendant a breath test and simply asked him to submit to a urine test. No urine test was subsequently taken and evidence of narcotic use was found in the vehicle. Mr. Finebloom filed and spoke with the State Attorney’s Office about the lack of evidence in regard to his DUI a fourth offense. Darren Finebloom was able to convince the State Attorney’s Office to drop all DUI counts which saved the defendant a lifetime revocation of his license and mandatory jail time.

Second DUI Within 5 Years Reduced to Reckless Driving

Location: Sarasota County, Florida
Charge: Second DUI within 5 years
Result: DUI Charge Reduced to Reckless Driving

The defendant was charged with DUI, a second offense within five years. He was pulled over and made to perform field sobriety tests by the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Finebloom filed a motion to suppress all evidence in the case including the field sobriety tests. Minutes prior to the hearing on the motion to suppress, the State Attorney’s Office agreed to reduce the DUI second offense to a reckless driving. If he had been convicted of DUI he would have been required to spend ten days in the County jail.  With the reduction to reckless driving, he got no jail time and no five-year license suspension.

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