DUI Lawyers in Sarasota You Can Rely On

Drink with Keys

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All it takes to find yourself up against a DUI charge is one sip too many and some unfortunate timing. With some of the harshest policing and penalties in the country, DUIs in Sarasota are not to be taken lightly. First offenses can land you $1,000 in fines and six months in prison. Win more than on conviction, and the state of Florida might gift you an ignition interlock device, topped off with a DMV license suspension and some seriously high insurance premiums.

Although some may argue that a DUI is a minor criminal offense compared with more violent crimes, the fact is that Florida treats drunk driving with extra rigidity, and a conviction will remain on your driving record indefinitely.

If you find yourself up against a DUI charge, don’t just retain the first attorney you happen upon. You need to retain the best Sarasota DUI lawyer available in order to bolster your defense. Differences in the quality of various attorneys and their capabilities are marked, and hiring a mediocre attorney may garner equivalent results of no attorney at all.

So how can you distinguish a great attorney from a not so great one?

The best way is to research, research, research. The more you find out about different attorneys in your area, the more confidant you can feel in your ultimate choice. Evaluate several attorneys and firms, not just one or two. When choosing the best Sarasota DUI lawyer, you are allowed to be picky.

Make sure the attorney has a good reputation. You may begin by asking around among people you know have already undergone DUI proceedings. Stick to people whose opinion you value, such as family or close friends.

Another great resource is the Internet. Peer and client reviews are aggregated on various outlets, making it easy for people to share their opinions and experiences with a certain attorney. Read critically, however, since anyone is allowed to post on a lot of these websites.

Once you have narrowed down your list to a few options, arrange to speak directly with the lawyer. Ask relevant questions such as what their experience and credentials in DUI are, how you can expect your case to be handled and what you should expect to pay, all-told. The best Sarasota DUI lawyer will be happy to answer any questions that you have so you will feel confident in your decision to retain their services, so don’t be afraid to press.

No attorney can guarantee an outcome, and you want to avoid any attorney that speaks in such certainties. They’ve started your entire relationship off with a falsehood, which does not bode well for future interactions.

If you have been charged with DUI in the Sarasota, Florida area, consider retaining the services of Finebloom Haenel & Higgins P.A. With over two decades of experience dealing in Florida criminal and DUI law, our attorneys and support staffs are industry leaders with a passion for what they do. You will find no stronger or comprehensive a defense as that offered by Finebloom Haenel & Higgin’s Sarasota DUI attorneys. Call today for a free consultation and evaluation of your case.