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Better than a Radar Detector…

For those of you who travel on the roadways in the State of Florida, especially the interstate, you must be aware that the Florida Highway Patrol still uses fixed wing aircraft for aerial speed enforcement. Everyday across the State of Florida, pilots, some with over 20 years of experience, fly their airplane in an oval […]

7 Law Enforcement Agencies in Sarasota County

A Visual Guide to the Different Law Enforcement Agencies How many of you knew that Sarasota County had seven different law enforcement agencies? To help you understand and identify the different agencies in Sarasota we have put together this visual guide. Sarasota Sheriff’s Office The most common agency people will see is the green and […]

Operation Green Light

Money Saving License Reinstatement Good news to all traffic violators in the bay area, thanks to what is being designated Operation Green Light. Operation Green Light will give its residents a financial break and a chance to pay any delinquent traffic tickets and any court fines or fees at a reduced cost. The reduced cost […]

Laser vs. Radar

Laser vs. Radar Know the Difference When you get a speeding ticket there is a good chance the cop either got you with their radar or by the high tech laser gun. In either situation you’re stuck dealing with a speeding ticket. Now you face the choice to fight it in court or pay the […]

10 Cars That Get the Most Tickets

If you are in the market for a new car, pay attention. Insurance.com recently did a study that listed the most frequently pulled over vehicles of 2014. You might be shocked to know what did and didn’t make the cut. Cars made by Lamborghini and Ferrari, which could have easily doubled the speed limit weren’t […]

No Degree Here’s a Gun?

Sarasota Police Department Lowering its Requirements An article was recently released by Channel 10 News that read “Sarasota Police no longer require college degree.” Why would the Police Department lower its requirements? Isn’t upholding the law one of the most important and critical jobs in our community? Well apparently, over the next 4 years the […]

Peek-A-Boo!! We See You

Isn’t it ironic that the iconic Red, White, and Blue that represents freedom in our country can mean the exact opposite when it is flashing behind you? I’m sure, like a lot of you, when I see those flashing lights behind me I immediately feel like I did something wrong and feel like I need […]

What is the Florida Accident Report Privilege?

Accidents that occur in Florida are investigated by the police. Through this investigation, police obtain information regarding the accident. Any person involved in an accident is required by law to report the accident in order to encourage cooperation among drivers. Information obtained by the police in the accident investigation can often be incriminating, especially if […]