Orange County FL DUI Charge Reduced to Reckless Driving

Case Number: 2013CT001504000
Location: Orange County 
Charge: DUI & Careless Driving
Result: DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving & Careless Driving Dismissed

The defendant was involved in a minor accident in which he rear ended another vehicle. The police responded to the scene. He performed poorly on field sobriety exercises and was consequently arrested for DUI with property damage.

The defendant was taken to the police station, where he submitted to a breath test, where he blew over a .08. The defendant asked for a blood test. The defendant was transported to a blood test facility, but they did not draw his blood since he was in handcuffs, and thought that was a safety issue.

The defendant retained David Haenel to represent him on the case. David Haenel set the case for trial, and on the morning of trial, the State Attorney’s Office amended the case to a reckless driving with alcohol as a factor but withhold adjudication, meaning that the defendant was not convicted of a DUI or reckless driving. David convinced the judge to drop the careless driving ticket as well.