Probation Violation


Heard about the revolving door of the criminal justice system? A probation violation is often the cause of this vicious circle.  Many people refer to probation as a trap. If you are on probation you know just what we are talking about. Late night searches of your home, drug testing, community service, restricted curfew, and other state  handcuff. These conditions are just a few of the restrictions you have dealt with if you have been placed on probation. On the other hand, it may prevent you from going to jail. In many instances our office is able to convince the state attorney that jail is not appropriate for you.

If you have violated your probation there will be a warrant issued for your arrest. Click here to find probation information for Florida Felony offenders. In most violation of probation cases there will be no bond set, or one that you can’t afford. We recommend that you contact us immediately at 1-888-781-9696.

If you have violated your probation, don’t quit. Keep working on your conditions. For example, keep doing your community service. The less you do the more jail time you may receive. When we get in front of the Judge handling your case we want to be able to demonstrate that you are fulfilling your obligations to the Court.

Keep in mind that if the Court finds that you willfully violated your probation, you can get up to the maximum sentence for the original underlying crime. In addition, if you receive a withhold of adjudication on the underlying crime, you will more than likely get convicted of the original charge. That could result in a driver’s license suspension on drug crimes and being labeled a convicted felon on a felony charge. That means you will give up certain rights including the rights to possess weapons or even vote.

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