Traffic Tickets


Those of you looking for a traffic attorney to handle your speeding, careless driving or suspended license citation, look no further than our firm. Many people do not realize the serious consequences that can result from just paying your citation. Aside from points on your license and possible insurance increases, you risk serious and long license suspensions as you get more convictions.

Commercial Drivers

Typically drivers who receive a non-criminal traffic infraction are able to elect traffic school to keep points off their license. In 2005, the Florida Legislature passed a law that forbids drivers who have an A, B, or C class commercial license from electing traffic school.  Does that mean we can’t keep the points off your CDL license? The short answer is absolutely NOT. Please call our office and speak to one of our qualified attorneys who will explain that depending on your driving record, we are very successful at keeping points off your license by going to court and explaining your situation to the Judge and the police officer. Keeping points off your license is something that we do everyday, in most instances without our clients needing to come to court.

Suspended License/Habitual Traffic Offenders

Many people have license issues and our firm strives to keep you on the road while representing you on your criminal case. Many people who come into our office are unaware of the ramifications of paying traffic tickets.  As an example, if you receive three (3) driving while license suspended/cancelled/revoked within a five year period, you will lose your license for FIVE years. The worst part about the system is that you could be facing a felony as a result of paying off your previous tickets. Please call our office for a free consultation so we can review your individual case and explain to you your options.

Out of State Drivers

Unfortunately a large number of people who receive tickets while in Florida, do not actually live here but have the same concern as our Florida clients: POINTS and INSURANCE INCREASES. Many states do not honor our state based driving schools, and as a result the only option you have is to fight the ticket. Please call our office so we can explain to you how we can fight that ticket and keep those points off your license and prevent any insurance increase.

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